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Mindful Monday: Aja Malibu – A Holistic Mountain Retreat

Aja Malibu: A Malibu Wellness Retreat in the Mystical Santa Monica Mountains Opening August 22, 2106 Explore wellness and spiritual awakening at this new luxury mountain retreat. Located on 23 lush, ocean-view acres in the mystical Santa Monica Mountains, this sanctuary has been a lifelong dream for its owner, Inannya Magick.  An Australian mystic […]

Reasons to Travel (As If You Need Any!)

Traveling isn’t just about taking a fancy vacation, although sometimes a fancy vacation can be exactly what you need. Traveling is about opening yourself up to different cultures, people, foods and ways of life. Traveling is about sharing a moment in time with someone you love, or with complete strangers. […]

Top Five Things to Consider When Planning A Multigenerational Trip

When a family chooses to travel together, the journey has the potential to unite all family members, regardless of the generation gap.  At the same time, a multi-generation trip can be stressful to plan, particularly because of the differing interests between age groups. Multi-generational travel, just like families, can consist of detailed layers which require […]

Luxurious U.S. Babymoon Destinations

You’ve finally settled down and are getting ready to welcome a new life into the world. Everything is falling into place.  The nursery is finished and all of the important preparations have been completed.  You couldn’t be more excited for the blessed event, but still crave the opportunity to slow down and savor […]

The Big Sur Foragers Festival at Ventana Inn

As I mentioned in 2015, food foraging is one of the hottest new trends in hospitality. While most of the coolest emerging trends can be fleeting, foraging is actually older than civilization itself. Yet, in an age when even the most exotic ingredients are readily available from the local grocery store, there’s […]

Foraging: A Luxury Travel Experience

Foraging was a concept that I never gave a second thought to, until watching an episode of Top Chef when celebrity chefs CJ Jacobson and Stefan Richter competed in a dual to prepare a foraging-themed meal for actress Shailene Woodley–a self-professed food forager. Intriguing in theory, the thought of foraging doesn’t exactly scream […]

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