Mindful Monday: Aja Malibu – A Holistic Mountain Retreat

Aja Malibu: A Malibu Wellness Retreat in the Mystical Santa Monica Mountains

Opening August 22, 2106

Explore wellness and spiritual awakening at this new luxury mountain retreat. Located on 23 lush, ocean-view acres in the mystical Santa Monica Mountains, this sanctuary has been a lifelong dream for its owner, Inannya Magick.  An Australian mystic and artist, Inannya has dedicated the past seven years to transforming the property into the “Garden of Eden” that it is today.  The number 7, significant in numerology for spiritual awakening, enlightenment and manifestation, is represented throughout.  The 7 unique guest suites and 7 chakra-themed gardens feature walls and pathways embedded with thousands of rose quartz crystals, gems that are believed to invoke soothing energy and gentle healing.

The  7-day holistic wellness program is designed restore, rebalance and re-align the body’s energy systems through a process that integrates the energies and practices of many mystical traditions and beliefs.  Named for its founder,  “The Magick Process” aims to reconnect the wellness seeker to the beauty, mystery and joy of life through an immersive mind-body-spirit tune-up.

This signature program incorporates cuisine, spa and daily therapies which use homegrown herbs and flower essences as well as a combination of color, light, sound, crystal and plant therapies to support optimum energetic alignment. An onsite apothecary hosts workshops that explore hundreds of plants and the role plant medicine can play in your personal wellness.

Each day brings new opportunities to explore the self-empowerment process, in a loving, supported way.  A wide spectrum of activities from daily wisdom workshops, tea ceremonies, edible garden tours, experiential nature exercises, fire & moon ceremonies, meditation & daily hikes in the local canyons will help make your journey an unforgettable one!




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