Mindful Monday: Mukul Beach, Golf & Spa

Opened in 2013, the Makul Beach Golf & Spa is what some might consider a “mystical paradise.”  Named for the Mayan word “secret”, the award-winning property is located on the stunning Emerald Coast of Nicaragua–a 30-mile stretch of Pacific shoreline featuring pristine jungles, rising cliffs, charming fishing villages, historic colonial architecture and untouched sandy beaches. Comprised of 37 spacious, freestanding accommodations, each complete with an ocean view, pool and private staff, their Spa offers truly spectacular luxury wellness programs unlike any other in the world.

Spa Makul

“Feel like the only person on Earth”

The six private sanctuaries, designed by renowned spa consultant, Angel Vezina Stuart, were created to make you feel like you’re “the only person on Earth.” Housed in uniquely-themed Spa Temples, each experience offers treatments inspired by ancient healing traditions, often using local Nicaraguan ingredients.  Every spa experience features exclusive rituals, along with a sequence of recommended treatments.

  • Ancient Sanctuary: “Wellness and healing practices of ancient Mesoamerica”
    • The Ancient Sanctuary Experience includes:
      • Foot Ritual
      • Body Scrub (Volcanic Clay, Organic Cacao, Aloe, or Coffee)
      • Bath (Citrus or Herbal Bath)
      • Traditional Nicaraguan Facial
      • Massage (From our Massage Selection)
  • Crystal Temple: “Soothing vibrations flow from crystal singing bowls”
    • The Crystal Temple Experience includes:
      • Foot Ritual
      • Aromatherapy Personalized Ritual
      • Mint and sea salt bath
      • Mint scrub
      • Massage (From our Massage Selection)
      • Radiance Facial
  • Hammam: “Inspired by traditional Turkish and Moorish architecture”
    • The Hammam Experience includes:
      • Relaxing time on the heated Navel Stone
      • Stretching
      • Black Soap Cleanse
      • Exfoliating glove Scrub
      • Ghassoul Mask Body and Hair)
      • Massage
  • Healing Hut: “Uniting ancient wisdom with modern luxury”
    • The Healing Hut Experience includes:
      • Foot Ritual
      • Aromatherapy Personalized Ritual
      • Indian Herbal Scrub
      • Hot & Cold Plunge Pools
      • Massage (From our Massage Selection)
      • Shirodara and Marma Points Therapy
  • Rainforest: “Healing properties of the water and plants from the sea”\
    • The Rainforest Experience includes:
      • Foot Ritual
      • Dry Brushing
      • Sugar scrub or Firming Mask
      • Vichy Shower
      • Purifying Aroma Massage
      • Radiance Facial
  • Secret Garden: “A unique massage therapy called Watsu”
    • The Secret Garden Experience includes:
      • Foot Ritual
      • Personal Profile
      • Watsu
      • Floral Scrub
      • Floral Massage


Makul Beach hosts many yoga and wellness retreats throughout the year. For individual guests, the wellness program at Makul Beach encourages the practice of daily yoga and meditation. Their in-house instructor tailors every session to individual needs and levels of practice.

You can also “deepen your experience with energy work and spiritual healing and meditation. Have an encounter with Yamuna, our Shaman and energy-healer, for a deeply personal and meaningful ritual.”

Learn more about the full Spa and Wellness program at Makul: http://www.mukulresort.com/wellness/ or contact me to talk about booking a trip today!


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