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“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” – Susan Sontag

Giving The Gift of Travel

Giving someone the gift of travel this holiday season will guarantee a happy reaction and give your loved one something to look forward to in the New Year. These travel deals will provide you with the opportunity to create lifelong memories, expand your horizons and sometimes even change your life. […]

Family-Friendly (And Zika-Free!) Destinations For Your Next Vacation

With most of the popular Caribbean and Mexican family-friendly destinations facing Zika travel warnings, many of my clients have expressed concern about how to plan their next family vacation. Even those who are not trying to get pregnant are worried about going away on vacation and getting sick from the […]

Mindful Monday: Aja Malibu – A Holistic Mountain Retreat

Aja Malibu: A Malibu Wellness Retreat in the Mystical Santa Monica Mountains Opening August 22, 2106 Explore wellness and spiritual awakening at this new luxury mountain retreat. Located on 23 lush, ocean-view acres in the mystical Santa Monica Mountains, this sanctuary has been a lifelong dream for its owner, Inannya Magick.  An Australian mystic […]

Special Golf Packages For Father(‘s Day)

It’s not an accident that the U.S. Open falls around Father’s Day weekend every year. An overwhelming majority of fathers love golf. In fact, it’s not unusual for them to request to celebrate Father’s Day by being left alone to go golfing. Well, it turns out that it doesn’t have […]

Insider Travel Tips For Costa Rica’s Gold Coast

I recently traveled to Costa Rica with a group of other travel advisors on an educational trip, commonly referred to in the industry as a “fam” or “familiarization trip”.  Designed to provide first-hand experience of the regions and properties that we recommend to clients on a daily basis, they are typically […]

A New Floating Hotel in Paris

Off-Paris Seine Hotel Planning a trip to Paris?  Consider seeing it from a different perspective… Paris is about to get a new floating hotel called Off-Paris Seine.  Located in the heart of Paris along the Quai d’Austerlitz, this elegant three-star property will float gently in the middle of the Seine beside […]

Luxurious U.S. Babymoon Destinations

You’ve finally settled down and are getting ready to welcome a new life into the world. Everything is falling into place.  The nursery is finished and all of the important preparations have been completed.  You couldn’t be more excited for the blessed event, but still crave the opportunity to slow down and savor […]

Wellness, Romance and Love for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for couples to explore ways to reconnect with romance that don’t involve dinner and a movie. If you’re looking for a truly spectacular experience this Valentine’s Day, consider one of these stunning hotels, all of which are offering packages which guarantee that you will […]

Traveling With A Baby (Checklist Included)

Preparing for a vacation is never an easy task, and as I am quickly learning it is exponentially harder when there is a baby involved. Right before my daughter turned 8 months old, my husband and I went on a wonderful multigenerational trip with his parents and sister and brother-in-law. […]

The Big Sur Foragers Festival at Ventana Inn

As I mentioned in 2015, food foraging is one of the hottest new trends in hospitality. While most of the coolest emerging trends can be fleeting, foraging is actually older than civilization itself. Yet, in an age when even the most exotic ingredients are readily available from the local grocery store, there’s […]

Top 10 Hotels for a Magical Holiday Celebration

In the movies, Christmas is usually portrayed as a holiday celebrated at home—with Mom, Dad and kids all happily gathered around the Christmas tree surrounded by an abundance of gifts. I don’t know about you, but that type of idyllic scene isn’t exactly how my holiday played out. Christmas can […]

When in Rome…Try Gladiator Lessons!

I love Rome!  And, as someone who has traveled to The Eternal City several times, I can tell you that her rich culture can be experienced in endlessly thrilling and imaginative ways. If you’re looking for things to do in Rome once you’ve tried the traditional touring, think about something a little […]

Last Minute Thanksgiving Travel Opportunities

It’s not uncommon for Halloween to roll around and realize that you haven’t had the time to make arrangements for that Grand Thanksgiving Getaway. Where did the time go?  And how were you too busy to notice that the holidays were just around the corner?  Regardless of how it happened, you’re worried that […]

5 Hotels To Keep on Your Radar for 2015

Although the year is fast coming to a close, 2015 still has some exciting new hotel openings left to reveal. Here are five that we’ve been eagerly anticipating: Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca Casablanca, Morocco Scheduled to open December 2015 Imagine waking up at a Four Seasons in the center of Morocco’s most cosmopolitan city, […]

Foraging: A Luxury Travel Experience

Foraging was a concept that I never gave a second thought to, until watching an episode of Top Chef when celebrity chefs CJ Jacobson and Stefan Richter competed in a dual to prepare a foraging-themed meal for actress Shailene Woodley–a self-professed food forager. Intriguing in theory, the thought of foraging doesn’t exactly scream […]

A True Gem In Napa: The Carneros Inn

After discovering that I needed to be in Palo Alto, California on business last month, I decided it might be a good time for a “girlfriend getaway”.  You know that saying about all work and no play…how lucky for me that work is also travel!  Besides, what better excuse is […]

5 Exotic Spa Treatments

It doesn’t take much, just mention the word “spa” and I’m there! For me, it conjures up an image of beautiful serenity and peaceful bliss. And afterward, I always feel more connected…body, mind and spirit. Taking the time for self care, not only honors our need to relax, reflect and […]

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