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“Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that

    should not be indulged in lightly”  – MFK Fisher

Festival Fun: More Great Reasons To Visit Hawaii in 2016

Hawaii, an exotic U.S. destination, is comprised of 6 unique islands, guaranteed to have something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to enjoy crystal blue waters, spectacular sunsets, eclectic local cuisine, rich cultural heritage or unique natural surroundings, the islands will not disappoint.  In fact, visitor feedback measures at an astounding 98% satisfaction rate–and […]

Traveling to LA and Living Like Locals

I recently took a trip out west to Los Angeles, and while it wasn’t my first time visiting the City of Angels, the experience felt really new. We stayed with my sister-in-law and her husband in their magnificent duplex in Santa Monica, just blocks away from the beach. And since […]

More Than Brunch: Cool Mother’s Day Ideas

If you’re looking for something a little more unique than brunch this year for Mother’s Day, then you’ve come to the right place! While treating mom to a lovely brunch to celebrate how much she means to you on Mother’s Day is a wonderful gesture, there are other ways to […]

A New Floating Hotel in Paris

Off-Paris Seine Hotel Planning a trip to Paris?  Consider seeing it from a different perspective… Paris is about to get a new floating hotel called Off-Paris Seine.  Located in the heart of Paris along the Quai d’Austerlitz, this elegant three-star property will float gently in the middle of the Seine beside […]

The Best Chocolate Destinations In Latin America

People are passionate about a lot of things—cars, yoga, wine—and entire vacation packages have been crafted around these hobbies to allow people to engage with what they love as they travel. Well, chocolate is no different. While most people probably think about Europe when they think about the best chocolate […]

The Big Sur Foragers Festival at Ventana Inn

As I mentioned in 2015, food foraging is one of the hottest new trends in hospitality. While most of the coolest emerging trends can be fleeting, foraging is actually older than civilization itself. Yet, in an age when even the most exotic ingredients are readily available from the local grocery store, there’s […]

Reconnecting with Romance in Napa Valley

My husband and I were invited to a wedding out in northern California when my daughter was 6 months old. I was hesitant to leave her at first, but with some encouragement and the promise of tacking on Napa as part of the trip, it was hard to say no. […]

Foraging: A Luxury Travel Experience

Foraging was a concept that I never gave a second thought to, until watching an episode of Top Chef when celebrity chefs CJ Jacobson and Stefan Richter competed in a dual to prepare a foraging-themed meal for actress Shailene Woodley–a self-professed food forager. Intriguing in theory, the thought of foraging doesn’t exactly scream […]

A True Gem In Napa: The Carneros Inn

After discovering that I needed to be in Palo Alto, California on business last month, I decided it might be a good time for a “girlfriend getaway”.  You know that saying about all work and no play…how lucky for me that work is also travel!  Besides, what better excuse is […]

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